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Why Let with Fell Reynolds?

“How do I know I will achieve the best price for my property?”

As the number one estate agent operating in the area; the team at Fell Reynolds understands the importance of a swift and accurate property evaluation. Miscalculation causes nothing but frustration, delay and distrust; which is why we take staunch care with every individual case by using the following steps to accurately valuate your property…

· Comparable reports to demonstrate recent lets and marketing activity in your sector of the market.

· Internal inspection of every property.

· An in depth assessment of current local market conditions and prices.

· Analysis of current tenant demand for properties of your attribute and price range.

“Which services do you offer and how will I know it’s the best for me?”

Here at Fell Reynolds we have three letting options available which have been specially tailored to match each individual landlord’s needs to suit your specific requirements. Our helpful letting team are always happy to assist you in any decision to ensure the option you choose is the right one for you.

“I hear that mortgages have become difficult to acquire these days, so how will I know that my buyer can afford to buy my property?”

“I think it’s important that my property reaches the widest possible number of potential buyers”

Fell Reynolds take advantage of modern social technology and traditional marketing methods to ensure your property reaches the widest possible relevant demographic of tenants. This includes but is not limited to…

· Postings on Rightmove, OnTheMarket and Fell Reynolds web sites.

· Displays in our prominently located high street office.

· In house lettings lists available.

When we say the most important factor for us is renting your property, we mean it. Every potential tenant who makes contact or queries your listing will receive a personal introduction to the property and step by step guidance from one of our experienced lettings team over the phone. We are not the ‘middle men’ but rather a dedicated and unique team of individuals with diverse experience in property and marketing.

“The last time I let my property I heard very little from my agent. How do I know my property is being looked after.”

We know that renting your property can be a stressful at times and the last thing you want is to feel out of the loop with what’s going on. Honest and effective communication with our clients is at the heart of everything we do and if you take our full management option we will:

· Carry out routine property inspections.

· Provide jargon free break downs of any maintenance works required.

· A member of our dedicated maintenance team will discuss the options available to you and organise any minor work required.

· Your tenant will have access to a 24 hour, 365 day, emergency maintenance helpline.

· Keep you informed or any progress on any works by liaising with you and your tenant to ensure the process is as seamless and stress free as possible.

“How do you handle viewings for potential tenants”

Naturally the thought of inviting strangers into your property isn’t the most comforting, but Fell Reynolds has the solution. Firstly, we will never ask our clients to host viewings, in fact, Fell Reynolds

is the only local agent to use dedicated viewing personnel for this aspect of the letting. As a result of this practice…

· We rarely have to tell a good tenant that we can’t do a viewing to suit their timing.

· We will know the tenants ‘hotspots’ and can lead them through the viewing accordingly.

· Importantly the rentals team can consequently be spending more time matching your property to the most suitable tenant.

“What steps do you take to ensure I get the right tenant for my property?”

When we receive an application for a tenant on your property, we not only have an in-depth application form but we will also fully qualify the legitimacy and financial stability of your tenant via the following steps…

· A full assessment of the tenant’s financial position by way of confirmation of employment, full credit check and bank references are taken.

· If a previous landlord was present it is required then we would also seek a reference from them.

· All applications are taken with proof of photo identification in our office to avoid identify theft.

We understand the importunacy of your input therefore only once all the references are returned will we contact you and provide you with them in order for you to make your own informed decision if you would like to proceed with the letting of your property to the applicant.

“What happens to the deposit and how important is it to have an inventory?”

Deposits and Inventories are something that can safeguard your property from a vacating tenant. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive inventories available to all our landlords upon signing any tenancy agreement and are proud members of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. These extra steps include;

· Colour photographs and full descriptions of each room are included on all inventories.

· Our membership to TDS will lodge and safeguard the deposit legally.

· Pre-vacation inspection will be carried out and a detailed comprehensive report will be issued to avoid disputes with vacating tenants

· Keep you informed on any works and progress by liaising with you and your tenant to ensure the vacation is as seamless and stress free as possible for you.

“I have a mortgage on my property, so how will I know that I will receive the rent?”

We pride ourselves on the speed and efficiency we pay our landlords when we receive a rental payment. We understand the importance of rental payments and take the following steps…

· Immediate follow up action taken upon late payments and non-payments of rent.

· Rent paid via BACS transfer.

· Rent statements issued every month.

To Help you make your decision..

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